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Glazes and Decorations

Traditional and elegant, modern and original, Babbi Glazes are the benchmarks for chefs, pastry and gelato makers.
Babbi line of glazes include fruit, chocolate and crunchy variations.

SKUProduct Name Pack per carton Net weight per pack (Kg) Dose g/lt Gluten Free Vegan
1.4901Neutral Glaze 4 3.00 QS



1.4903Orange Glaze 4 3.00 QS



1.4902Strawberry Glaze 4 3.00 QS



1.4904Lemon Glaze 4 3.00 QS



1.4905Chocolate Mirror Glaze 4 3.00 QS



1.2820Easysugar (bag) 8 1.00 QS



1.4923Sour Cherry Glaze 4 3.00 QS



1.2387Golosa Krok Gianduia 4 3.00 QS


1.2388Pistacchio Krok Covering 4 3.00 QS