Gourmet Specialties

Gourmet Specialties

In a world where evolution is the keyword, Babbi takes on a new challenge with the Babbi Gourmet line:
Gourmet Mix for the production of savory gelato and Happy Hourr Mix for the production of alcoholic sorbet.

We have studied the perfect recipe that enables you to create gourmand, innovative and outstanding alternatives to the traditional Gelato.

Babbi has found out the right balance between the raw materials and the base ingredients, in order to solve all problems related to the salty ingredients' fats and oils and to the alcoholic components.

cod.Product Name Pack per carton Net weight per pack (Kg) Dose g/lt Water / Milk Gluten Free Vegan Kosher Halal
10329Mix per Crêpes 5 2.00 295 No p No
14921Mix per Pan di Spagna 6 1.00 460 - 545 No


d Yes
14832Crema Pasticcera a Freddo 8 1.00 400 Milk



d No
14803Happy Hour Mix (for alcoholic sorbets) 8 1.25 120 - 180 No



p No
14802Gourmet Mix (for savory gelato) 8 1.25 280 - 300 No


d No