Bases and Stabilizers

Bases and Stabilizers

Pasteurized yolk added with sugar and natural flavourings. Perfectly suitable for Gelato and Pastry. (glass jar)

cod.Product Name Pack per carton Net weight per pack (Kg) Dose g/lt Water / Milk Gluten Free Vegan Kosher Halal
14921Mix per Pan di Spagna 6 1.00 460 - 545 No


d Yes
14832Crema Pasticcera a Freddo 8 1.00 400 Milk



d No
12812Tuorlomio 6 1.20 QS No


p Yes
2130007Mix Cupcake, Cake e Muffin 4 2.50 No No


p No
2130008Mix Waffle, Pancake e Crepes 4 2.50 No No


p No